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Harlan Institute » Diversity v. Discrimination
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Diversity v. Discrimination

April 23rd, 2013

The appropriateness of racial considerations should depend on the context of the situation.
For example, private institutions are not funded by the federal government and therefore do not have to pass certain requirements. That said, they can decide what they want in respect to race percentages in their school that would be best suited to their situation.  However, if any university (public or private) was in a drastic situation and didn’t have enough of a certain race or too much of a race that it was causing a decreased learning environment, they should be able to consider race more thoroughly because it would benefit their students.
Another example of how using racial considerations should depend on the situation is when someone is stopped during airport security screening.   This situation is racial profiling and racial profiling is different than racial consideration.  Racial profiling is illegal because it is assuming someone will do something bad because of what race they are, and race is the only factor that’s being taken into consideration in the situation. On the other hand, using racial consideration in admissions and job applications is legal because race is only one of the many factors being looked at. In addition, race is also only being used to benefit the other students or the company by creating more diversity.  It is undeniable that people of different races come from different backgrounds, and those differing backgrounds can contribute to making a place more diverse and successful.