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Harlan Institute » Blog #2: Diversity v. Discrimination.
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Blog #2: Diversity v. Discrimination.

March 14th, 2013

Racial consideration should not depend on the context of the situation. In fact, it shouldn’t be used at all, as it is an unequal system. In a color-blind society, one should not be profiled by their race. They should be judged based on their actions. Also, if there is a necessity to consider race, for example, in a security situation, members of all races should receive the same considerations.

For example, one might argue that in an airport racial profiling is necessary for national security purposes. However, if one race is going to be searched more than another, due to profiling, to promote equality, members of other races should receive the same frequency of searches, otherwise we are not treating everyone equally. Furthermore, in cases such as Fisher v. UT, the consideration if race presents unequal opportunity. To promote equality, we must present equal opportunity and equal standards, racial profiling is unequal and deters progress towards racial, as well as complete equality for not only the American people, but the global population.

In conclusion, if we are to achieve a color-blind society, with equality for all, regardless of race, we need to stop considering race, and begin to consider actions and behaviors.