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Diversity v. Discrimination

February 28th, 2013

The appropriateness of racial consideration depends on the context of the situation. Each situation will have different needs then the next, so it should be looked at case by case. Never considering race will create unbalanced situations in a lot of places. Race must be looked at when it’s important for there to be diversity. Places such as a workplaces or schools need to have some diversity rather than being all one race. The demographics of a workplace often depend on what the boss says. Some bosses in the position of hiring will have a tendency to discriminate against a certain race and may refrain from hiring those people. This creates an unfair situation when people apply for a job.

In places like schools, diversity is needed in order to create a diverse learning environment. Without that diversity children will learn differently. In public schools this can be instituted and race can be taken into consideration but in a private school it is up to them if they look at race or not. In private institutions they can make their own decisions if they should consider race. Public should be the same because each situation is different.