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Standing To Sue

January 23rd, 2013

I don’t think that it would’ve made the case stronger or weaker.  I think the fact that she wasn’t allowed in is a factor enough to sue on.  The damage done is by the college, and as a American in this country, we highly value education.  So when a college that she wanted to go to wouldn’t let her in because they already had all their spaces filled, injury had been inflicted upon her.  She was discriminated against in a sense of her academic skills by saying she wasn’t high enough to get in.
Going to college there might have given her a better advantage in the job work force with a degree from that school.  This is discriminating her right to the pursuit of happiness.  I believe that the world is balanced and colleges decided on people they let in based on the person accomplishments and that different races and religions are going to get in based on their merit if that what it was solely based on.  This way everyone gets a fair shot by their academic skills and then they shouldn’t even be looking at race or religion, and it will make this country more diverse in their thinking.