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Response to: Standing to Sue Fisher v. University of Texas

January 23rd, 2013

In order for Abigail Fisher to have standing to sue in U.S. courts, she is required to show that she was injured by the person she’s suing, that the defendant caused the injury, and that if the court ruled for the plaintiff her injury would be resolved.  When Abigail Fisher was denied acceptance into the University of Texas, and assumed it was because of her race, but she has seen no proof that this is true.
Just because race was taken into consideration when Abigail Fisher applied, it does not mean this is why she was not accepted.  The admissions of the University could have rejected her application for a number of reasons: she might not have had good enough grades, a high enough ACT score, or maybe her essay wasn’t satisfactory.
Fisher applied to the University of Louisiana and was accepted, and doesn’t plan on applying to the University of Texas again.  This shows that she was not injured by the  University, and therefore has no standing to sue.  She has no proof that race was the very reason she was denied acceptance, and she has suffered no injury of any kind, accept to her pride.  She would have a better standing to sue if she had not attended a university after her rejection of the University of Texas.