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Response To: Friend to the Court Fisher vs. University of Texas

January 21st, 2013

Diversity is part of the society today. It affects our daily lives. People come from all over. One of your co-workers may be from Texas, another from China, and maybe one from Mexico. Diversity has been around for ages. In the 1950’s and 1960’s we segregated whites from blacks. In the past we have been more judgmental, but in time we have become more open about diversity and have been more accepting.
I believe that diversity is so important because it helps to promote different cultures and personalities. We all should be acceptant of one another. With diversity, we can include every race. We should not segregate different ethnic groups from one another. With different races and ethnic groups we get to become more knowledgable about each other. We are all humans and no one is better than another.
With this case I feel that the judges will rule against her. She has no proven fact that she wasn’t accepted because of her race. There could be other multiple reasons why she didn’t get chosen. Perhaps the university didn’t like her resume or maybe her ACT or SAT scores weren’t what they wanted.
I believe that we should set a certain amount of students that can each be selected every year. If we set a limit of 10% of every race gets accepted it doesn’t mean that if you don’t selected you aren’t good enough. They can re-apply its just with a set amount of number we can only accept so few.