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Response To: Friend of The Court Fisher v. University of Texas

January 21st, 2013

As Director of Admission at University of Texas, I believe in meeting the expectations of those who wish to attend our campus. Due to Affirmative Action, the university is diversifying campus to fulfill the new standards of society. We not only want to be a racially diverse campus, but also by gender, sexuality, political views, religious views, and economic backgrounds.
As our country continues to become the “Melting Pot of The World,” race, nationality, and ethnicity is becoming less prominent of an issue. While the university does ask for race on the application for admissions, it is not the only way of determining and distinguishing diversity on campus. Admissions accepts the top ten percent of a graduated class whether they are racially diverse or not. That in itself could take care of a wide range in race.
We want to ensure that campus is diverse and students are open to most all walks of life. Race is not the only way we ensure diversity. Many aspects of a student are taken into account on acceptance. The University of Texas would like to recognize that their campus is a new experience for many students and would like to continue that reputation.