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Fisher v. University of Texas, The Constitutional Law Badge

January 21st, 2013

Fisher does not show a valid point on why she would have been denied admission to the University of Texas besides affirmative action, but without the university’s impute as to why she was denied she has a case. In Fisher’s favor affirmative action is not and should not be right. There are many other ways for a university to establish diversity among the college applicants, but race should not be at the head of and admissions officer’s head when considering applicants. Instead a background check should be made.
There is no real injury brought about the rejection other than an assumption as to why she was not accepted. Fisher’s case may have been stronger if she had made another attempt to apply to the University of Texas. Because the Louisiana State University was out of state this gave Fisher more of a chance of being accepted into the college, but both Texas as well as Louisiana are equally hard to get into it could be fact on race or the top 10% or rather Texas did not like her resume very much. Looking at the case it’s strength isn’t near as strong as what it could have been knowing she was accepted into a different college rather than the one she was denied.