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Harlan Institute » Slippery Slope?
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Slippery Slope?

November 4th, 2012

I agree that ruling in the favor of the petitioner could become a slippery slope . If drug dogs are allowed to walk onto a persons private property, sniff drugs inside of the house and then get a search warrant to arrest someone for possession of drugs what is the purpose of the fourth amendment?  If the court was to rule in the favor of Florida there would need to be serious limitations put on the use of drug sniffing dogs. Florida winning could lead to drug dogs being used in neighborhoods, private land, schools and other places that were previously thought to be protected by the fourth amendment. If the power of the fourth amendment is diminished it leaves citizens vulnerable to unwarranted searches and seizures and it allows police officers to use the information found by the dogs to procure a warrant to search and arrest people. If Florida wins this case it could lead to a dangerous slippery slope.