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Reprehensible Enough?

November 4th, 2012

I believe that this is a sound way to approach this legal issue, when does a persons private property become open to the police officers investigation. I think that the minute someone else s life is put in danger because of that persons actions police officers can expose it. If someone is being harmed inside of a house but police are not allowed to intervene because it is private property they cannot do their job which is to protect and serve. I think that most criminals intend for their illegal activities to remain private so that they do not get caught but if they are harming someone else or putting someone else in danger the police should be able to intervene. I do not think that growing marijuana falls into this category however, he is growing this plant illegally yes but it is of no harm to anyone else, however if he was selling it to others then I believe the police could step in. I also think that if the police go through the proper channels to obtain a search warrant and find marijuana he should be arrested but they should not be able to show up on his doorstep with a drug dog and use that as information to help obtain a warrant.