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Jardines v. Franky

November 4th, 2012

I believe that Jardine will win the Supreme Court 5 to 4. The reason for this is because the police and the dog went on Jardines property and did not have a search warrant but i think that the dog was able to smell the illegal substance from the street. If the police had the evidence and warrant before hand they would win. Since now warrant was issued then Jardines will win this case. The fourth Amendment sates that you cannot come unto a property on probable cause without warrant. I also believe that the car is different, already having to be pulled over without knowing of illegal substances does give you the right to search a car but this is a house. The police only had hints that Jardines was holding an illegal substance. The dog can sniff from the street but that does not mean that a warrant should not be used. You were still contacted as a hint of drug posestion and you brought a bunch of police cars to the scene just to find some evidence.
Slippery Slope) I think that police dogs will beable to go were ever pleased if the court sides with Florida. But I do not think they should side with Jardines just because they believe this. The Supreme Court won’t allow Florida dog troups to have this much power.