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From the Director of Admissions

November 4th, 2012

As the director of a public university I wish to promote diversity in my school but I also wish to do this in a way that does not alienate any race. While I do want all different races, religions, economic backgrounds and sexual orientations to be represented I do believe that these aspects of a person should not be looked at when they are being considered for a specific school. Acceptance into a school should be based upon merit, I think that we should establish different scholarships that can be based upon some of those more personal aspects but an overall acceptance into the school should be based strictly on merit. There are also many other ways in which we can promote open mindedness and awareness of race, religion and different economic status. There are study abroad options, mission trips and many different experiences students can participate in. This ruling would greatly affect my university because I wish to give all students an equal chance of getting into my institution and I don’t wish to have ethnicity or anything else other than merit be the basis for acceptance. I believe that you should rule in favor of Fisher because she has a very valid case, if two students have the same academic scores race shouldn’t come into consideration activities and volunteer work should be the next aspect looked at. Fisher was denied access to the University of Florida because of her race and violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. She faced racial discrimination and this should not be upheld under the law.