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November 4th, 2012

Supreme Court of the United States, after reviewing the facts of Florida v. Jardines case you will find that using sniff dogs are Fourth Amendment searches which require warrants based on probable cause.  There was no probable cause.  Conducting a sniff dog test without a warrant is in violation of the Fourth Amendment and is unconstitutional.  The search was a violation of his privacy.  Previous Court decisions on searches were about cars and airplanes when homes should be taken differently.  In Kyllo v. United States the Supreme Court held that the home is private and that a search must be preceded by a warrant.  This decision is very important today and in the future because it will define searches and when they need warrants.  Many officers use sniff dogs and rules need to be set when they can be used.  You will find that there was no probable cause that the sniff dog search was not conducted with a warrant and therefore is in violation the Fourth Amendment since it is a Fourth Amendment search.  This needs to be defined so everyone will know there rights and no more questions on this issue will be raised.  It was brought before the court on the issue of importance and must be dealt with a great deal of importance.