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Fisher v U of Texas: Importance of Diversity in Higher Education

November 4th, 2012

To the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
The court decision in Fisher v University of Texas would have a major impact on my university. This court should rule in favor of the University of Texas because their admissions process works for diversity in the college setting, it doesn’t discriminate by race but instead counts in race as a factor to increase diversity. Diversity in higher education is important to make student feel welcome and brings opportunities to the universities for new ideas and views. It is important for students to interact with student of diversity to learn and thrive in the future. Also, such admission programs creates the opportunities for diverse students to get a higher education. Diversity is more than just race. It includes students of different color, religion, culture, sexual orientation, economic status, and interest. All of these things should be a factor in college admissions processes, not just race, to encourage a very diverse and unique university setting. If all the students at a university were all very similar the college would get no where and become boring and unwelcoming. If this court rules in favor of the University of Texas they will be working for diversity in many ways, not only in the University setting but also in future work places. It would help universities, such as mine, to continue to work towards diversity by making race and many other aspects a factor in their admissions process.