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Fisher Amicus Brief

November 4th, 2012

To the Supreme Court of the United States,
I am the Admissions Director at a public university. We as a university pride ourselves with our “holistic” campus of student culture. The student body is the reason for our supreme reputation and its excellence is recognized throughout the country in many different industries. I believe that our students’ success is not just attributed to their desire to learn but also their ability to understand all the different religious affiliations, economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations that are in our world today. Our students are at an advantage over other students in other universities because our enrollment policies use a student’s racial background as a small part of their admission process. The reason for this letter is to inform you of the experiences that will be lost by our students if you rule on the side of Fisher in Fisher v. University of Texas. By claiming the University of Texas’s admission processes unconstitutional, you will be taking away our prestigious culture that we have carefully created throughout the years.  Our student society accepts all different types of people and is apparent upon arrival to our university. Please consider the experiences and learning opportunties that will be taken away upon ruling on the side of Fisher.
Thank you,