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Harlan Institute » Could Fisher of had a stonger case?
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Could Fisher of had a stonger case?

November 4th, 2012

I believe that Fisher being denied admissions is sufficient enough to show injury. It caused emotional agony and stress. She had to go through the trouble of hurrying to find another college to attend and get accepted in to. I understand the diversity issue but if a student really deserves to be at that school then diversity shouldn’t matter if you have students who would pick that school as there number one school to go to. I do not think it would of mattered if Fisher attended another college or not. I do not see how if she didn’t attend another university it would of made her case/argument stronger. She couldn’t put off going to college, so what was she suppose to do? Her only option was to attend another college since she did not get in to the one she wanted to go to.