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Amicus Brief for Kiobel in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum

November 4th, 2012

The United States should take an interest in cases likeĀ Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum because it involves an American corporation. If an American individual or corporation is named in a case, it should be able to be tried in America, according to the Alien Tort Statute. Because the Court previously found inĀ Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporation have the same rights as individual, the United States should try cases that involve corporations. The United States should care about this case because if the tables were turned and an American citizen had a complaint against a different nation’s corporation, wouldn’t that citizen want to be able to try that case in the American judicial system? It might be messy for the United States, but because an American corporation is involved, the Court should find in favor of Kiobel.