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Friend of the Court, Amicus Brief

November 1st, 2012

I think that diversity shouldn’t be a forced obligation. I also believe that your race and religious beliefs should not even be on the college application in the first place. If a school wants true diversity, then they should accept all ACT scores, because studies show that race and stereotypes do have an effect on studies and test scores. But schools won’t do that because of the quality of the school, and the reputation, also because they can’t accept everyone. How I see it is, how anti-racist do you have to be before you start being even more racists, like pointing out the difference between races and acting on it, not just letting it be. I think that schools should accept or deny students by their achievements and their grades, not by things they can’t choose, such as race or religion, or were born with. College is for academics, not racial profiling, so their application should be academic based.