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Press Release- Launch of the New Harlan Institute Web Site

May 28th, 2010

May 28, 2010 – Washington, D.C.
Today the Harlan Institute launched its new web site at www.HarlanInstitute.org. The new web site offers an engaging and easy to use design. By using this site, teachers and students can learn more about the Harlan Institute’s initiatives, including FantasySCOTUS.org and YourConstitution.net.
FantasySCOTUS.org will be a Supreme Court fantasy league targeted towards high school classes that teach about the Supreme Court, the constitution, and civics. In a partnership with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s iCivics, the site will be free for all teachers and students to use, starting in August 2010.
YourConstitution.net will bring the constitution to life by shining a light on the faces and places that gave rise to famous Supreme Court cases, and telling their stories. This interactive website will take the reader through a visual tour of some of the most famous cases in constitutional law history.
About the Harlan Institute
The Harlan Institute’s (www.HarlanInstitute.org) mission is to bring a stylized law school experience into the high school classroom to ensure that our next generation of leaders has a proper understanding of our most fundamental laws. The Harlan Institute developed FantasySCOTUS.org, a Supreme Court fantasy league that teaches students about Supreme Court cases and allows them to make predictions about the outcome of the case.
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