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Standing to Sue

I would say there was injury shown, that was the fact that she had got rejected from being enrolled there because of her race. I think being her case would be stronger because it would show her interest into trying to get into the University of Texas. Since she said she wouldn’t go there anyway, there really isn’t a point in taking the time to sue. I do understand her reason though, and that’s to get justice and so others can apply and get admission into her college.

Diversity or Discrimination

The appropriateness of racial considerations should not depend on the context of the situation. As the Golden Rule states: treat others how you want to be treated. This is America, the land of the free. We are all to be treated equally and nobody should be discriminated against based on what their racial background is. Abigail Fisher simply just wants to attend the University of Texas. Being a United States citizen, she is allowed to have the right to choose where she wants to go. Being denied acceptance because her race is not diverse enough for the university is unconstitutional.
There should be no specific way to treat situations like these because there should not even be any situation like this one. Just because a university would like a more diverse student population does not give that university the right to deny acceptance to anyone because of their racial background. As long as somebody is a United States citizen, it does not matter what their race is; they still have the same rights as every other citizen of this country. Denying somebody acceptance into a university of their choice because of their racial background, even if they meet all of the qualifications, is unjust.

Friend of the Court

Abigail Fisher should not be denied acceptance because of her racial background, even if a more diverse student population on campus is something that the university is seeking. The diversity that the University of Texas needs is more religious affiliations, economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations. The university wants the students to interact with students of different backgrounds, but that still does not permit them the right to discriminate against Abigail Fisher and deny her acceptance for being white. That is just unconstitutional.

Write The Opinion

I think the court should side with fisher and be equal to all races. It would settle the case and hopefully make people of other diversities to apply for the job. My advising to your ruling would rule with fisher because it shows that diversity doesn’t matter, and anyone should be allowed to work in a certain occupation due to their skills and not their skin color.