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Harlan Institute » Standing to sue Clapper v. Amnesty International
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Standing to Sue and the Proper Role of the Courts

March 14th, 2013

I personally believe that a court is not acting properly when they are telling the president what to do and how to carry out his business. If people decide to force the president to enforce laws that are already made it would cause the president to be put into a hard position. Would it not be easier to make new laws and have them be enforced rather than have the president enforce outdated laws that people do not follow anyway?
When dealing with problems of the environment, I believe that it would be better to leave the cases to the federal courts. Although it may be more beneficial to take the matters to the president or EPA, it can also be considered a hinderance. Although you can make as many laws as you want to make the companies that are polluting the air to stop, there are always going to be companies that do not follow these laws. It would be beneficial to the population if we could get the president and EPA to enforce laws that are already on the books instead of going through the process of having congress or other courts make new laws for people to follow. That process can be very tedious and is not helpful when we need to solve the problem of pollution in as fast a manner as possible. I believe that EPA needs to be even more strict in the way that they enforce laws because they are not very effective.