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Reprehensible Enough- Criminal Justice Badge

November 28th, 2012

We do not think the Florida v. Jardines case exactly resembles the phone taping case.  Although we do understand that one has a right of privacy in their own home as do phone calls.  We think that privacy is important, but still justice is justice.  We do not think the phone taping case is a good case to compare to the Florida v. Jardines case.  We think that even though the cases are very similar, the circumstances are very different.  In one, a person’s privacy in their own household was violated.  In the other case, a phone call was made on a public payphone and was monitored by the police.  Although in both cases privacy was violated, one was in the privacy of their own home, which is protected by the Fourth Amendment, and the other was in a public place.  We believe that police officers sometimes do whatever they feel is right even if it isn’t.  We think that the law should do what is right for the people.  That means putting all the people who are associated with drug in prison so we can keep young people away from drugs.