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Standing to Sue – Constitutional Law Badge

March 14th, 2013

Abigail Fisher was injured by the University of Texas because they denied her admittance to their school even though she was qualified. The university caused her injury because they choose to denied her admittance because of her race. If the court ruled for Abigail they university would be forced to admit her to the school and her injury would be solved.
The fact that she was denied entrance to the University of Texas is enough to show injury because she would have picked the school for a reason. Reasons such as it might be cheaper, a better program for what she wanted to study or they have extracurricular activities more suited to her.
It would make her case a little harder to show that Texas was a better school for her since she went to a different college right away instead of staying there and fighting. So it would make her injury more effective if she would of only wanted to go to Texas.