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Standing to Sue and the Proper Role of the Courts

December 12th, 2012

If the EPA president would introduce new laws and regulations, and enforce them it might make a difference. In the past when laws and regulations weren’t enforced it didn’t get them anywhere. IF they were to either enforce ones that they already have, or create new laws and regulations they might find that it will make a difference.
Lobbying Congress would get more stringent environmental regulations. With the federal court they would only pass what the plaintiffs want and it would be harder to get more passed on the issue. Lobbying the President and the EPA would be a good Idea because it would raise attention to the issue and would bring more awareness. It could also enforce more laws and would help regulate the laws that are already in the books. Experience hasn’t demonstrated that these methods don’t work. We also can’t rely on past experiences that it wont work because new information and more people who want these laws to pass fight and bring attention to them. Lobbying is a good way to get attention to the subject. It could also help pass a lot more laws dealing with the environment.