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The United States shouldn’t have to deal with this case.¬† When it is not dealing with people or companies from the United States, it should go to the countries it deals with or to the United Nations.¬† We don’t have the money to help cases like this. We should be dealing with cases for our own country, before we go to other countries problems.

Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum: Why the U.S. Should Care About This Case

To the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
The Supreme court should hear the case of Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum and such cases  because they have to do with U.S. corporations violating the laws of the United States of America. Such cases are important to the united states, sure they may cost money and lead to disputes but such case are just too important to ignore. U.S. corporations should not be allowed to break the law in other countries and disregard United States laws. They are the face of the United States in foreign countries and in such cases make the U.S. seem cruel and hypocritical. U.S. corporations should be held to the same laws as U.S. citizens because they are based in the U.S. Cases like this are important to our country and to its people. The Supreme court should hear these cases and rule in favor of Kiobel, if Royal Dutch Petroleum has broken the laws of the United States that the Supreme Court is entrusted to protect.