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When is the Florida vs. Jardines case reprehensible?

March 14th, 2013

Homebound crimes should only be reprehensible if the crime is dealing with murder or putting someone else in danger. If the crime does not effect another person, it should be left alone until it does so. What one does in their own home should be there business until, like I said before, it harms another person either mentally or physically. Homegrown marijuana should only be seen as illegal in any case where it is harming another person, such as a young child be open to viewing and being around the plant all together. In these cases, what the police officers did should be viewed as constitutional. In other circumstances, such as that of anyone who lives in Colorado, this would obviously be against the law. We would also have to factor in medicinal usage and where the homegrown weed was going. If it was headed to cancer patient using it for pain, then what the police did was unconstitutional. I believe this is a very sound way to approach the Florida vs. Jardines case. In order to say what is constitutional or not we need to gather as much evidence on the situation as possible.