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Corporate Rights

In the case Kiobel vs. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., there are two questions to be asked. The first question is whether the U.S. courts should be able to hear lawsuits about things that happen to foreign citizens in foreign countries.  The second question to be pondered is whether or not companies should be held liable for human rights abuses? After you answer both of these questions about yourself, you may or may not agree with me, but this is why I believe that corporations should be treated like individuals by means of crimes and offenses.
The main reason that I believe corporations should be treated like people is because they’re people! Yes, a corporation is a large business, but that large business is being controlled by people.  Just because these people have the authority to run a large company does not, and should not give them the right to get away with liabilities that the normal, working individual would be punished for.

Federal Courts of International Laws

It is our congress duty to create and enforce our foreign policy, but the congress needs to know the appropriate time to get involved. If someone or some company get involved in some other country but are from the United States then that country should figure out what the want to do about the crime committed. Yes they are U.S. citizens, but they’re in some other country, and they have to follow their rules.  Same thing applies if some foreign individual comes here, they have to follow the United States laws.  We should leave it to their own country to decide how to handle it, unless it gets too serious or out of hand.  That is when the United states should get involved in tiny matters that could be easily solved in the countries that have these problems.  In this situation the Royal Dutch Petroleum and corporations from U.S. assisted Nigerian governments in its human rights abuses by providing transportation, compensation, and shelter to soldiers that shot and killed civilians. Basically, the companies assisted the governments that committed many crimes.  They only brought it to our courts they say because of the Alien Tort Statue Act. This is only if crimes were commited in violations of the law of nations. I dont think we should get involved, based on the fact that the company didn’t do the crimes, the Nigerian Government did.

Write The Opinion

As a group we concluded that Royal Dutch Petroleum should not be held liable for the human rights abuses.  Royal Dutch Petroleum was supply the government with supplies that led to human rights abuses, this would be like saying a company is responsible for someone buying a product and using it in a harmful way.  They were supplying transportation and shelter, they were not supplying weapons or anything that led directly to the human rights abuse, they were selling their product, they are not responsible for how the consumer uses the supplies.  We believe that if the Ogoni people want to go after someone for the human rights abuse it shouldn’t be Royal Dutch Petroleum, they should go after the Nigerian government, I am not sure how they could go about thus but Royal Dutch Petroleum they should go after the Nigerian government, I am not sure how they could go about this but Royal Dutch Petroleum should not be the target for the Ogoni people.
We concluded as a group that the Ogoni people can not take a lawsuit to United States courts for what happened in another country.  This lawsuit should be heard by the courts in their country, they can take Royal Dutch Petroleum to court in their country because that his where the human rights abuse occurred. The United States isn’t responsible for what the company Royal Dutch Petroleum does, the United States government can put bans on some of Royal Dutch Petroleum’s products or add extra tax to them but the Ogoni people should not be able to receive compensation from them when it’s a lawsuit held in the United States.

Friends of The Court

The United States shouldn’t have to deal with this case.  When it is not dealing with people or companies from the United States, it should go to the countries it deals with or to the United Nations.  We don’t have the money to help cases like this. We should be dealing with cases for our own country, before we go to other countries problems.