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Federal Courts of International Laws

It is our congress duty to create and enforce our foreign policy, but the congress needs to know the appropriate time to get involved. If someone or some company get involved in some other country but are from the United States then that country should figure out what the want to do about the crime committed. Yes they are U.S. citizens, but they’re in some other country, and they have to follow their rules.  Same thing applies if some foreign individual comes here, they have to follow the United States laws.  We should leave it to their own country to decide how to handle it, unless it gets too serious or out of hand.  That is when the United states should get involved in tiny matters that could be easily solved in the countries that have these problems.  In this situation the Royal Dutch Petroleum and corporations from U.S. assisted Nigerian governments in its human rights abuses by providing transportation, compensation, and shelter to soldiers that shot and killed civilians. Basically, the companies assisted the governments that committed many crimes.  They only brought it to our courts they say because of the Alien Tort Statue Act. This is only if crimes were commited in violations of the law of nations. I dont think we should get involved, based on the fact that the company didn’t do the crimes, the Nigerian Government did.

Federal Courts of International Law

The doctrine of separation of powers is violated when federal courts hear sophisticated claims about international law. The reason behind this belief is that it is Congress’ power to create and enforce our foreign policy. If the federal courts are collecting money and other such things, that means they are using our resources and giving them away to other countries. There is a difference between giving money, and wasting money.
If we hear about claims made in other countries, then we should leave it to the other countries to figure out what they want to do about the crimes committed. These foreign countries should try to hold the people who have done the crimes accountable before they bring it to the U.S. to make a decision that might have been easily made in the country that these crimes are being committed.
It is Congress’ duty to create and enforce our foreign policy, however Congress needs to know when and where they need to intervene when the need arrives to enforce that policy on other countries. Congress should not get involved in tiny matters that could be easily solved in the countries that have these problems. Congress should only enforce foreign policy when there is a great need for it.

Shell in Nigeria

If people in this country want to sue a  organization involved in our country but held in another, they should be able to. So if they can do that than I think it is possible that you can sue a US industry for acts in a different country. Shell should not have acted in these crimes. The case will side with Kiobel in a 5 to 4 vote. Kiobel has the right to come to the US and sue another company from a different country. Shell argued that companies are not people and only people make up companies. I think that they should be able to control your own workers form your company to not enforce these types of acts. Shell also argues that problems held in a certain country should stay in that country. The government in Nigeria is messed up as it is. The case should be brought here and there is no reason that it shouldn’t.
Corporate rights) I think that if the corporation can pull of freedom of speach, then they should be liable for human right offenses. You created a crime against human rights and freedom of speech cannot and will not help you.
Federal Courts of International Law)  The power of Congress is to enforce foreign policy and saftey. saying this, they should act against shell and the other company and help defend Kiobel.