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Federal Courts of International Laws

March 14th, 2013

It is our congress duty to create and enforce our foreign policy, but the congress needs to know the appropriate time to get involved. If someone or some company get involved in some other country but are from the United States then that country should figure out what the want to do about the crime committed. Yes they are U.S. citizens, but they’re in some other country, and they have to follow their rules.  Same thing applies if some foreign individual comes here, they have to follow the United States laws.  We should leave it to their own country to decide how to handle it, unless it gets too serious or out of hand.  That is when the United states should get involved in tiny matters that could be easily solved in the countries that have these problems.  In this situation the Royal Dutch Petroleum and corporations from U.S. assisted Nigerian governments in its human rights abuses by providing transportation, compensation, and shelter to soldiers that shot and killed civilians. Basically, the companies assisted the governments that committed many crimes.  They only brought it to our courts they say because of the Alien Tort Statue Act. This is only if crimes were commited in violations of the law of nations. I dont think we should get involved, based on the fact that the company didn’t do the crimes, the Nigerian Government did.