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Discrimination Badge

I believe that the College shouldn’t have the right to say someone isn’t accepted into their college just because of their race or color. Its not fair that she worked hard all through high school and had her heart set on the college and is not accepted only due to that reason which is racist in my opinion. The school does have the right to decline the student applying but not for that reason it would be as if she went to get a drink of water and the teacher said no because your white. The girl is right in my eyes in has a right to stand up for her rights. If worst came to worse she could’ve applied and went to a different college. Though she most likely is right about the school being racist the judges will end up taking the colleges side due to the rights of the school being able to decline whoever they want. Colleges have the right to decline kids for all different reasons. They can accept you for having good grades, decline you for having a history with the law. They say all men and women are created equal and not accepting someone because of their race is not a reason to decline a student. Students all over work hard to achieve their dreams in life and having a college stop them from achieving their dreams because of your race is not acceptable. If I was that girl I would move on to another college, chase her dreams and don’t let the college stop her.

Response to: Diversity or Discrimination – Civil Rights Badge Fisher v. University of Texas

“If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity,” spoken by John F. Kennedy at the American University Commencement Address in 1963 conceived of the ideology at this time period they may not diminish the differences, but we must advance forward to adjust the future. Today racial consideration should not depend on context of the situation, but rather justice is brought to each individual. Racial profiling, whether it is along the Southern border, in airports, or acceptance into a college should not determine the outcome, because racial profiling is a contribution to racism in the United States of America. Understanding the excuses for racial profiling reveals how degrading, disregarding, and wounding it can be to a minority. The United States of America is the “melting pot” of the world with a diversity of race, religion, creed, gender, and sexual orientation, and to racial profiling citizens of the United States of America creates barriers. However, if there is a social justice argument for treating racial profiling situations differently, we must see equality repetitively in every similar situation. A judge must consider subjective concepts of fairness and justice within every case, and treat similar cases with identical decisions. An example would be racial profiling at an airport; airports would have to profile everyone rather than selecting an individual based on their race or clothing. A judge would also need to see racism did not participate in the profiling, and each individual receives justice if racism was involved in the profiling. In today’s society we are slowly becoming colorblind, and in the future I aspire it holds not only to colorblindness, but less hatred and more peace.

The Texas Fish

For University of Texas, I believe that any university should be able to use race. All colleges need to have diversity in their schools.  People need to learn about other ethnic groups and see other religions. If our students were not brought about to  diversity, then it would not simulate real world issues.  As a director of admissions, i would not just accept a student on behalf of race but because that person has qualities that we seek. A student with better background and grades deserve a spot before others who don’t have good grades or good background skills.  As in the case of Grutter, the University of Texas the percentage plan is constitutional and is a great way of picking top students. In any case of a student getting denied by  a college, i think that everyone would get hurt a little. If its your dream school it will always hurt. Colleges are not trying to injure any student. All colleges are trying to do is pick the right students with the rights backgrounds.
(Standing Sue) I do not think Fishers injury should have been denied by the college. Considering that maybe it was the only way to file sue then i also think that it could be. Only if it was your only reason to use as an injury. It would have made her look better if she had not moved on right away and moved on to a different college.
Diversity of Discrimination 1) I believe that it does make a difference. A school need to have racial differences. Not every student should be the same.  We need Ethnic diversity.
Diversity of Discrimination 2) Without Ethnic Diversity, no student can properly understand the real world. Not everyone is the same out there.