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Corporate Rights

In the case Kiobel vs. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., there are two questions to be asked. The first question is whether the U.S. courts should be able to hear lawsuits about things that happen to foreign citizens in foreign countries.  The second question to be pondered is whether or not companies should be held liable for human rights abuses? After you answer both of these questions about yourself, you may or may not agree with me, but this is why I believe that corporations should be treated like individuals by means of crimes and offenses.
The main reason that I believe corporations should be treated like people is because they’re people! Yes, a corporation is a large business, but that large business is being controlled by people.  Just because these people have the authority to run a large company does not, and should not give them the right to get away with liabilities that the normal, working individual would be punished for.

Corporation Rights?

Corporations should have the same laws as individuals so that they can be tried for the same crimes that normal people can be convicted of. Big businesses should be charged to the full extent of the law. If they have committed a crime that deals with a foreign country and that crime might make our ties with that country strained, then that business should go in front of the court and be tried as an individual.
If big corporations do not choose to protect their rights as if they were individuals, there would be no way to hold everyone accountable that they did or did not commit. In the Kiobel vs. Royal Dutch Petroleum case, the Royal Dutch Petroleum corporation is being accused of crimes against the people of Nigeria. By holding the corporation accountable, the mistreated citizens of Nigeria will have the right to go to court and receive justice.

Shell in Nigeria

If people in this country want to sue a  organization involved in our country but held in another, they should be able to. So if they can do that than I think it is possible that you can sue a US industry for acts in a different country. Shell should not have acted in these crimes. The case will side with Kiobel in a 5 to 4 vote. Kiobel has the right to come to the US and sue another company from a different country. Shell argued that companies are not people and only people make up companies. I think that they should be able to control your own workers form your company to not enforce these types of acts. Shell also argues that problems held in a certain country should stay in that country. The government in Nigeria is messed up as it is. The case should be brought here and there is no reason that it shouldn’t.
Corporate rights) I think that if the corporation can pull of freedom of speach, then they should be liable for human right offenses. You created a crime against human rights and freedom of speech cannot and will not help you.
Federal Courts of International Law)  The power of Congress is to enforce foreign policy and saftey. saying this, they should act against shell and the other company and help defend Kiobel.