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Response to: Friend of the court. Fisher v. University of Texas

January 23rd, 2013

As the director of admission of a public university, I believe that diversity will control itself and high standards are of the most importance of the university rather than ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic backgrounds, and religious affiliations. As it is called, the U.S. “melting pot” is becoming a more and more diverse society. In a case such as this, many of today’s citizens have been exposed to diversity within their home communities. Although I believe that diversity is good and needs to be established within public universities, I believe that, and have seen, diverse students work together and congregate within public universities. The purpose of attending a university is to learn and build your future through the best experience possible. The university should be more focused on their graduation and education standards quota and rather on their diverse and perfect quota where there are no majorities. In the case of Fisher v. University of Texas, I believe that Abigail Fisher’s denial of acceptance was corrupt due to her white ethnicity and preference was given to racially diverse candidates rather than that of their high school accomplishments. However, the University of Texas does maintain the right to deny any student that they believe does not meet the school’s compelling interests.