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Diversity or Discrimination

The appropriateness of racial considerations should not depend on the context of the situation. As the Golden Rule states: treat others how you want to be treated. This is America, the land of the free. We are all to be treated equally and nobody should be discriminated against based on what their racial background is. Abigail Fisher simply just wants to attend the University of Texas. Being a United States citizen, she is allowed to have the right to choose where she wants to go. Being denied acceptance because her race is not diverse enough for the university is unconstitutional.
There should be no specific way to treat situations like these because there should not even be any situation like this one. Just because a university would like a more diverse student population does not give that university the right to deny acceptance to anyone because of their racial background. As long as somebody is a United States citizen, it does not matter what their race is; they still have the same rights as every other citizen of this country. Denying somebody acceptance into a university of their choice because of their racial background, even if they meet all of the qualifications, is unjust.

Diversity or Discrimination?

I don’t think race should play a part in either of these contexts.  Race being taken into consideration for a hiring decision should not be allowed, it should be based on merit or on personality. While racial profiling in the context of airport security is in the interest of safety, people of a different race who are acting perfectly normal should not be sought out and targeted. Any person that acts in a manner of suspicion no matter their race should be taken in for questioning or watched but no one should be singled out due to their race. While I can see the argument for racial profiling in cases of security I think that it violates a basic right of free people and that a person must earn distrust through their actions not their ethnic background. In the issue of being admitted into jobs or schools race should not be a factor, race has no affect on an applicants merit. If one applicant is more worthy than another of the job they should get the job, people shouldn’t be offered a position in a school or a job simply because of their race. I don’t think race should be used in either context and there is no justification for it, if you leave this up to subjective contexts it will make ruling on each individual case difficult and the purpose of going to the Supreme Court is to bring clarity to the constitution not make things more muddled up. Being watched or not hired because of race is not right and there are not situations where it is acceptable.