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March 14th, 2013

I believe that the Patriot Act is very controversial and  is hard to say if it is better to have around or not. On one hand, it has helped our government out a ton and has made us both smarter and has made catching crime a lot easier and has saved us a lot and made us more prepared all together. But on the other hand, with all this new technology innocent people can get involved into everything and can have their privacy ruined. With some of the new technology like wire taping, it is easier for someone to have their privacy broken by coming into casual contact with a suspect. The use of “Sneak Peak” warrants have also caused some trouble. This gives investigators the right to walk into someones house or business without immediately notifying the target. People have said though that this has been used on minor crimes, not just terror and espionage crimes. So it sounds like they are taking advantage of the advantages they are given from the Patriot Act. Overall, I believe that the Patriot Act is better to have around. It has helped take care of so many crimes and issues and I believe that the pros, outweigh the cons. Even though some people loose their privacy, and their are some small disadvantages to this act, it helps us for the better and makes our country and safer and better place to live. The Patriot Act should stay, and helps our country be a better place.