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January 31st, 2013

Hello, I am the director of admissions at a public university. I am going to talk to you about  our recent problems. When most people think about diversity they think about race. when I think about Diversity I think abut all of the other things. I look more many different diverse things in my students. Here are a few examples. First there is of course a difference in sex it would be better to have a balanced student body of males and females. Second of all there is a religious stand point. When it comes to getting applicants into your college you need to think about what kind of religions they are in to.   There are certain colleges that are christian colleges that have a church on campus for worship a couple times a week. You have to consider how someone would be treated if  they are in another religion. And lastly there are people with less money and you need to take into account that not everyone has just enough money for college and you need to decide wether to accept them and help them or tell them to make some money.