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Friend of the Court

November 28th, 2012

We don’t think that we as a country should deal with cases like this one. This case is based in another country, so we shouldn’t have to get involved in it. By involving ourselves with foreign crimes, we could end up causing more problems in our country and in other countries.
First of all, our government would be throwing away a lot of money that we don’t have. In order to help the victims of the conflict in Nigeria, our government would have to intervene financially to fund their trials. If they help out the citizens of Nigeria, people from all over the world will expect the United States to help them as well.
Along those lines, the people that brought the lawsuit said the companies were guilty of serious crimes because they had assisted the governments that committed those crimes. These lawsuits should be dealt with in the countries that they occurred in. There is no need for our government to get involved because they crimes didn’t happen here and we have nothing to do with the things that happened overseas.
By getting involved in these problems, our country is opening up unnecessary issues. If our government decides to help the victims in other countries, then they will be wasting resources and time that could be used elsewhere.