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Florida v. Jardines – Amicus Brief Badge

November 28th, 2012

I wouldn’t have a problem with them using the drug dogs if they had a reasonable cause. They shouldn’t be able to go into someones door step and check for drugs. They  should have a reason like he was selling or people had told them. In my opinion without a proper cause or a warrant the government should not be able to search a house. It wasn’t the best Idea to be growing marijuana. I think that Jardines didn’t hurt anyone or do anything so where does the government have the right to do a dog search. But the court says a warrant was not needed. The court also states that the “Dog sniffs” are not under the Fourth Amendment searches. Did Mr. Jardines do any harm to anyone around him? If Mr. Jardines did do harm then they have the right but if he didn’t do anything then they have no reason to search. Like with Kyllo V. United States they suspected and they got a search warrant. But in Jardines V. Florida  they had suspected but they say the Fourth Amendment says you don’t need a search warrant to search someones house. The court shouldn’t have been able to enter the house without a warrant.