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Friend of the Court

March 14th, 2013

Friend of the Court – Amicus Brief  Badge (150 points)
I think it is important to encourage diversity on campus, but I also think that each and every student should be treated fairly. We like to promote that our public university is more than just a difference in race. If you are of a different race or ethnic background, religious affiliation, economic background, or even sexual orientation, it does not exclude you from being accepted. Whether it be leadership skills, educational / academic history, or extra curricular activities, most universities have set standards for the students attending their school and this is what each applicant is judged by. Although diversity may be important to our college, acceptance depends on the overall evaluation of the applicant. Students should not be turned down due to their ethnicity. Universities should have a variety of different people to interact with, rather than just different races. Each person is unique in their own way and the background from which they come from should not affect their ability to attend a college. It does not matter where you go to college, you will be introduced to and interact with different people every single day. That is part of the “college experience” that every student should have to go through. Meeting new people and interacting with others is an important quality to have in life. I think diversity can be considered, but should not be able to make the final decision. Ethnicity should be the last thing to look at on the application and should not be able to greatly effect your decision.