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Constitution Land – A Theme Park from the Harlan Institute

Constitution Land – A Theme Park from the Harlan Institute

Release: April 1, 2011
Media Contact:
Josh Blackman (202) 294-9003, JBlackman@HarlanInstitute.org.

Constitution Land, a planned theme park from the Harlan Institute, will immerse “we the people” in the Constitution of the United States. Through virtual reality simulators, thrill rides, and entertaining shows, visitors will be able to experience our Constitution, and the Supreme Court, unlike ever before.
“Constitution Land will be a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Josh Blackman, President of the Harlan Institute. “Only the Harlan Institute, and its innovative approach to civic education could create a theme park to inspire students of all ages to learn more our great Charter.”
The Harlan Institute, in consultation with leading academics, historians, engineers, and theme park enthusiasts, has prepared the plans for this groundbreaking education destination. In addition to exhilarating thrill rides based on landmark Supreme Court cases, Constitution Land will feature virtual reality simulators that explore how cases developed, and what will become of our law. Finally, shows, and first-rate accommodations will make a visit to Constitution Land a must for anyone who wants to learn more about the supreme law of the land.
Constitution Land’s planned attractions include:

Virtual Reality Simulators

Thrill Rides



Construction on Constitution Land is scheduled to begin on September 17, 2012, Constitution Day, outside of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, near the site of George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware River, and minutes away from Philadelphia, the Cradle of our Constitution.

The Harlan Institute

The Harlan Institute’s mission is to bring a stylized law school experience into the high school classroom to ensure that our next generation of leaders has a proper understanding of our most fundamental laws. By utilizing the expertise of leading legal scholars and the interactivity of online games, Harlan will introduce students to our Constitution, the cases of the United States Supreme Court, and our system of justice. Harlan’s long term strategic goal is to develop condensed law school courses that can be taught at no cost in high schools across the country using engaging online programs.
In case you didn’t realize it, this is an April Fool’s Joke.