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FantasySCOTUS.net is the Internet’s Premier Supreme Court Fantasy League. Over 10,000 attorneys, law students, and other avid Supreme Court followers made predictions about all cases that the Supreme Court decided. On average, members of the league correctly predicted the cases nearly 60% of the time, and accurately predicted that Elena Kagan would be nominated as the 100th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.  Our real-time prediction tracker offers forecasts of how the Court will decide every case.
FantasySCOTUS has been featured in the New York Times, and on Hearst Broadcasting Television,  CNN.com, the WSJ Law Blog, the National Law Journal’s Supreme Court InsiderReason Magazine, theVolokh ConspiracyAbove The LawSCOTUSBlogBalkinzationUnderneath Their Robes, the New York Times Freakonomics Blog, the Legal Blog Watch, the Faculty LoungeYahoo News, the ABA Journal, theABA Journal Magazine, and many other sites.  Lawrence Hurley asked Justice Stephen G. Breyer about the public interest in the Supreme Court and FantasySCOTUS in an interview. Justice Breyer responded that “I’m glad the public is interested. The more the public knows about the court, the better.” FantasySCOTUS, and its 10,000+ member league, has been described as the “hottest new fantasy-league game,” “a very, very clever idea!,” ”new gold standard in Supreme Court geekery,” and the “toast of the legal world.” Sign up to play FantasySCOTUS.net today.