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HARLANconnect Virtual Mentoring Program

HARLANconnect revolutionizes the way attorneys and students interact.


What is HARLANconnect?
HARLANconnect is the Harlan Institute’s innovative platform to help connect attorneys, law professors, and law students with high school classes. Through the use of Skype Video calls, classrooms can connect with attorneys anywhere in the world, and learn more about the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

How does HARLANconnect work?

HARLANconnect provides a simple and easy way for classes to be mentored and learn from attorneys, law professors, and law students.

How do I get involved?

The goal of HARLANconnect is to make the mentoring process as easy and effective as possible. While the time commitment for all parties is rather small, we find that the virtual visits to classrooms are the next-best-thing to in-person visits.
If you are interested in signing up your class for a mentoring session, please email us at info@harlaninstitute.org. Please include what time your class meets, and what you would like your mentor to teach.
If you are an attorney, law student, or law professor, and are interested in mentoring a class, please see this page and contact us.