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FantasySCOTUS has been adopted by hundreds teacher nationwide, and over a thousand students have learned from Harlan Institute materials.

Here are some of the comments we have received from teachers and students:

  • FantasySCOTUS is a “very valuable companion to any higher level government class”
  • “There are not a lot of things out there specifically for Constitutional Law”
  • “This goes to exactly what we do in class.”
  • “Students are engaged to see how the Supreme Court impacts their lives”
  • “Students have really gotten into the blogs, badges, and achievements”
  • “The Students can identify with the Supreme Court cases.”
  • FantasySCOTUS is “indispensable” to the We the People Competition
  • This is what students need to “successfully compete in the We the People competition”
  • “It’s nice to have something students can call their own”
  • With the national competitions, students can “show what they can do.”
  • “Quality program for educators to use”
  • “The future of social studies education in America”

This video provides testimonials from students and teachers who use FantasySCOTUS in the classroom, as well as a musical tribute to one class’s predictions for Snyder v. Phelps.