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Play FantasySCOTUS
Play FantasySCOTUS
A Supreme Court Fantasy League for High School Students

- Learn about the cases and make predictions
- Write analytical blog posts
- Chat with our Virtual Mentors
- Win Badges and Prizes



Virtual Supreme Court
Virtual Supreme Court
Write the Brief, Argue in Front of Virtual Judges, Win a Trip to Washingotn

- Teams of two students will write a brief.
- The best brief-writers will argue their case before virtual judges.
- The grand prize winners ¬†will receive a trip to Washington, D.C. for ConSource’s Constitution Day celebration.

Learn more here.


Our Virtual Mentoring Program revolutionizes the way attorneys and students interact.

- Classes learn from a virtual mentor about the Constitution & the courts
- Attorneys volunteer to mentor classes
- HARLANconnect facilitates Video Calls and other virtual exchanges between classrooms and attorney mentors

Constitutional Places, Constitutional Faces
Constitutional Places, Constitutional Faces

Learn about the faces and places behind the most famous Supreme Court cases.

This project will assemble photographs of the people and locations that gave rise to our most important cases.