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Fantasy Blogs & Badges

In addition to making predictions, each class will write a series of analytical blog posts for each case.  By signing up your class for FantasySCOTUS, you will automatically receive a free WordPress blog hosted at the Harlan Institute. At the end of each lesson plan, you will find a series of blog post topics. Here are some possible topics:

  • Write a post summarizing the facts of the case
  • Pretend your class is the Supreme Court and write your own opinions, including concurring and dissenting opinions
  • Explain why the First Amendment guarantee of Free Speech should prevent censorship of violent video games, but permit the criminalization of certain types of “hate speech.”

For each submitted blog post, your class will be awarded a FantasySCOTUS Badge. Each badge will have a corresponding number of points, based on the level of difficulty of the assignment. The more badges you receive, the more points you score!

Please take a look at the Frisco CTE Blog–it received the most points in our competition last year.

The Winners

All classes are placed into leagues based on the geographic location of the Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States.


Here are the badges you can earn this term.

Premier Badges:

ConSource – 500 Points

Bill of Rights Institute – 500 Points









Post Badges:

To learn more, check out our lesson plans for instructions of how to win the badges.

Separation of Powers – 50 Points

Justice – 50 Points

Civil Rights Badge – 50 Point

Amicus – 50 Points